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houseThe easy way for Tenants to become HOME OWNERS and move into the home of their dreams NOW! Why wait? If you want a home of your own, let us put a proposal together for you. Let us find the specific house that you want or perhaps you might like one that we have currently in inventory.  Then lease it for 24 months with an option to purchase it during that period.

No need for those large down payments and expensive closing costs.  Simply lease it NOW and work towards improving your credit, financial and/or employment history while leasing.  Have all the benefits of home ownership without all the hassles, financial or otherwise.

Do not let poor, little or no credit keep you from your dream home.  Similarly, a new job, recent divorce, erroneous postings to your credit report or other hindrances need not prevent you from securing your dream home.

What is the FIRST step in the Lease With Option process?

Simply visit the Tenants to Homeowners page and read how the program works.  If you like what you read and think the Program may be for you, take the next step of qualifying yourself for the Program.  If you think you will qualify, fill out the two forms on the Tenants to Homeowners page and we will contact you immediately to confirm and then begin searching for your dream house.

If you want to Lease With Option a FLORIDA or LAS VEGAS property

Read more about our Florida/Vacation Properties and if interested in leasing with an option a vacation or second home, call us at 518-433-0922.  We will contact you immediately.

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